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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

blogging the bach 20.2

after last week i'm pretty excited for this season. there are several girls i really like, and i can't wait to see what happens.

who's watching:celsey, amanda, alicia, megan

date #1- let's learn how to love-jackie, lb, lauren h, becca, amber, mandy, jojo, jubilee, jennifer, lace
what i saw
lots of crop tops
becca really is the prettiest
lace is losing her mind 
what i heard
i don't like that girl. i think she's ugly--amanda
we should count converse and crop tops--megan
i can't think if anything more fun than high school, oh wait--cel
all of them need to go to the principal for dress code violations--cel
what i thought
lace is way too jealous for this show
i'm glad he took jojo away so lace couldn't come interrupt again.i really like her.

date #2-join me for a day of surprises-caila
what i saw
date in a hot tub-in a store
ben needs a wax job
what i heard
you know what's the worst thing in the world? long hair in a convertible--cel
because life isn't a fairytale. welcome to the real world--cel
what i thought
i don't know why caila keeps saying this date is amazing. we're all bored.

date #3-are we a perfect match?-emily, shushana, sam, olivia, haley, amanda
what i saw
olivia looks so much better all done up
does anyone else think amanda looks like jenna from ben f's season?
what i heard
he looks like the biggest dweeb i've ever seen
have we not determined are there dates not the worst?--megan
i hate this date. i am so uncomfortbale--cel
she looks like she is going to murder someone--amanda about one of the twins
i'm so confused by your outfit choice--megan about ben
she is wearing a doily--cel
what i thought
this date is terrible. celsey is hiding.
i really thought i was going to like olivia, but this date is changing my mind

cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
a few pretty dresses and a few less pretty
ben is trying to be cute
what i heard
it's going to be lace against olivia. i can't wait to watch them self destruct against each other--megan
the most thoughtful thing someone has ever done for you is make your daughters barrett?--cel
i didn't get to talk to everybody because i was busy doing arts and crafts and other weird things--cel
it's not racist. it's just true--megan after saying something racist
her boss said she needs to come back--alicia about lb
what i thought
i still have no idea who have these girls are. we were planning to fill out our brackets tonight, but we decided to wake one more week.

tear tally-6

word tally

who's left-olivia, caila, jubilee, amanda, jojo, lauren b, , leah, , becca, rachel, lace, jennifer, emily, jamie, lauren h, shushanah, hailey, amber

i'm definitely changing my mind about who i like. i will have predictions for sure next week.

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  1. I haven't watched this week, obviously, but last week was crazy with Lace... I can't imagine how much worse it gets. "There are almost 30 women in this room Ben, but you need to be looking at me ALL the time so I know you're just a little bit interested in me, ok?!?"

  2. You forgot to tally the word crazy! You will for sure have to do it next week, i think it would have run the most hands down!


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