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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

beauty time tuesday...bobbi brown haul

i have always heard really great things about bobbi brown products, but i have never actually tried the line...until now. melanie and i went to an event at nordstrom on saturday. 
we got our makeup done, and it was perfect to try out some bobbi brown products. i really like the products a lot and decided to buy a few. 

bronzer, concealer, color corrector in bisque, gel eyeliner, lip balm, mascara
we had a fun time getting our makeup done, shopping, and lunching. it was the perfect saturday.

 photo aubrey-sig_zps0ck6qpqn.png


  1. So fun! These products really look great on you. I haven't tried Bobbi Brown!


  2. You are such a girly girl; love it! And I envy it as well. I love makeup but your SnapChat about your heels? I haven't worn heels in ages.


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