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Monday, April 25, 2016

random rambling...on being adventurous

that title is a little bit deceiving. if there is one thing i am not, it is adventurous. i am very loyal, dedicated, responsible, etc., but i would never describe myself as adventurous. i wish i was, but i am not. 

i made dinner plans with friends for this past weekend. the conversation went something like this...

l: let's go somewhere fun. ya?
t: yes somewhere fun...have you gals ever tried hot pot? you basically pick out what flavor broth you want for the table, and then you pick out all the meat and veggies you want and you cook it in your little pot. 
l: sounds fun to me. let's do it
me: sounds fun for tomorrow

i'm thinking this sounds kind of like melting pot-boiling broth, cooked food.the end.

we pulled up to the sketchiest looking place, and right away i knew i was over dressed in my heels. the place was fine on the inside but much different than i expected. we did cook our food in a pot of broth at our table. it was pretty good, and we had such a fun time.

i wish i was a little more adventurous. i was a little nervous instead of excited. i wish i could have more of a fun easy going personality sometimes,but if we were all the same that would be bad. this weekend definitely reminded me that i am not very adventurous. are you adventurous or more of a planner?

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  1. I'm not spontaneous (I have a WHOLE blog post/snap chat rant about WHY IS SPONTANEOUS SUCH AN ADMIRED QUALITY IN OUR CULTURE???) but I am pretty adventurous with food. When I was in Jordan and Israel my grandma was all impressed that I was willing to eat the local food (I was 16 so I guess I was supposed to think everything was gross haha!)


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