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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

beauty time tuesday...dirty hair don't care

just in case you think you are reading last week's beauty time tuesday, you aren't. we are talking about hair again though. i talk about my lack of hair washing and hair brushing all the time so it's only fair if i tell you all my secrets.
this picture is old-we can all tell because i am tan. winter is following me everywhere i go so i have absolutely no color right now. i took these pictures on a monday which means i was on day 3 of hair. i usually go a full week but always at least 4-5 days. i can't stand how long it takes to wash and condition my hair, and blow drying wet hair is also the worst. therefore, i do them both as infrequently as possible. it's been a work in progress, but i feel like i have finally mastered the art of not washing my hair.

1. start using dry shampoo on day 1(after your hair is dry) and for sure day 2 before your hair gets too dirty
1a. spray the dry shampoo like you would a root spray-all around the crown of your head
2. blow dry (either the sweat back in or just blow dry the dry shampoo in). use your brush while you blow dry
3. style as usual (i often wear my hair straight for a day or 2 and then curl. by the end of the week my curling wand is the best way to style)
3a. don't touch your hair. touching your hair makes it even dirtier
3b. only brush if you need to (get the tangles out with your fingers)

done and done. i was going to wash my hair today, but it won't quit raining. washing my hair when it's raining feels like a big waste so i'm going to put it off another day.
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  1. So here we are again chatting about hair. Let me tell you.. it's not the washing part that gets me, it's the blow drying and styling. Do you have any tips on how to cut down drying time and/or how to style hair quickly?


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