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Monday, April 4, 2016

one little word: april goals

i sound like a broken record. this year is flying by. i kind of blamed february being a short month, but march is definitely not a short month. excuses or no excuses april is here. it's time to check in on our monthly goals.

now that we're a few months into the year, i think a lot of us start to lose focus on our goals. for me that is one of the best reasons to check in monthly and continue to set new monthly goals. my big focus for the year is being still, but so far i am also really focused on health and fitness.

yearly goals to be still
1. morning and night quiet time-drive to the gym with no music/spend a few minutes each night reflecting on the day and writing 3 good things about the day-i do really well in the morning. i drive to the gym and sometimes home in the quiet. i love starting out the morning with a really clear head.
2. attend the temple monthly-i went to the payson temple
3. color once a week-i've been a little hit and miss with this one. i really like to color, but my coloring book is so small and detailed. i finally realized even though i really like it, the small coloring book kind of stresses me out. it's a little too detailed for me. i think i would rather just color a princess.
4. prayer book-keep list of people i need to remember to pray for-i keep the book beside my bed. i use it some of the time. i could do better with this.

march goals
1. drink apple cider vinegar every morning-i am doing much better with this than i have any other month. when i am home i have been really good about doing it. i have to only drink a shot of it and bite a lime right after. biting the lime is the best trick i have ever heard.
2. do more cardio 2-3x/week-i'm getting through my workouts a little faster and earlier some days so i do have a little more time for cardio.

april goals
1. try one new workout class-either yoga or pure barre
2. select weekly ponderize scripture again-for a long while i selected a scripture each week to focus on. i haven't been doing as well with it lately.
3. send 3 cards in the mail-i love sending mail. i've haven't done much of it this year.

how are your goals going this year? did you pick a word of the year? grab the button below and linkup. we're not big on rules so hop around and have some fun.

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  1. I have been doing monthly goals, so I thought I'd link up with y'all :) I have never heard of drinking apple cider, is that for cleansing? I too want to color in my adult coloring books, but I have found it takes forever to color one page... they really are so small and detailed! Lol! I have been getting up at 5 for 45 minutes of me time and I love it so far...


  2. I really should start doing ponderizing scriptures!

  3. I love the quiet time in the morning, idea! That sounds so wonderful! I may have to try it.


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