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Friday, April 15, 2016

gift ideas especially for parents

i love giving gifts. i love finding the perfect gift. i love the reaction when someone opens the perfect gift. i love my parents so much. does anyone feel like giving gifts to parents is a major challenge. it's hard to find the perfect gift because if they want something, they usually buy it themselves. we have a few standard gifts we often go to.

1. bath bombs for my mom

2. gift certificates for a facial

3. shirt and tie (not my fave)

4. something electronic

5. tickets to a play
my parents don't necessarily expect the perfect gift, but i always want to find the perfect gift to give. this year we finally found the perfect gifts.

we bought my dad a new DSLR camera. it was the newest model just before christmas. he loves to take pictures and is constantly working on his photography. he was so excited and he loves it. 

we found one of the most amazing gifts for my mom. she loves pebble ice so much. we got her an ice machine. unfortunately she doesn't have it yet, but she is so excited to get it.
another great idea is religious materials-books, music, jewelry, bags, etc. i found a great place online to buy things. the lds store has pretty much anything and everything you could want.

the website is so easy to navigate. it's quick to find what you are looking for and place your order. since we got bigger gifts for my parents we called it good for chrismas and their birthdays, but mother's day and father's day are right around the corner. it looks like i have some shopping to do.

i've teamed up with the lds store online to give one of you a $30 giftcard to their site. comment below with your email address and what you would buy either as a gift or for yourself.

giveaway is open to US residents only. winner will be selected on friday, april 22. winner will be selected at random from the comments.

this post was compensated by the lds store. as usual all opinions are my own.
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  1. I'd probably be cheesy get my husband a tie pin with the Palmyra temple :)

    emily thibodeau [at] :)

    1. You are the winner! An email should be coming soon.

  2. A pebble ice machine is great!! Joe's aunt had one installed in her house when they built their new one and I'm pretty sure it's her favorite feature ;) I think her husband gave up his high entry garage or something for her to have that machine.
    My mom is so hard to shop for because I'm really girly and she's not. She's not a pamper yourself type of person. I gave my parents tickets to Centerpoint one year to go see a show and then for Christmas this year, because my mom helps so much with Bensen, we gave them a gift card to Anniversary Inn. I feel like I'm getting better with the gifts, and it's a lot easier now that I have a baby because I can give her cute kid things (I gave them some grandma and me type books last year) and they love it!

  3. My brother would love a ring from the shop! he's currently on is mission

  4. Where does your mom buy her clothes?? I LOVE the blue dress she is wearing!


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