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Friday, May 27, 2016

dreaming about a someday home

**this post is sponsored by plumb tile. all opinions are my own

about a year ago i started thinking maybe it was time to be a grown up and buy a house/townhouse/condo. things in life were a little up in the air so i put the hold on hold for a while. by the time things were less up in the air, i kind of lost my steam. 
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there are a lot of things that appeal to me about owning my own place-no more throwing away money on rent, decorative freedom, my own space, etc.

there are equally as many things that don't appeal to me-fixing things when they break, yard work, a mortgage. 

i don't really like to be alone. i have always had roommates, and i like that. if i owned the place, i don't know if i would want to other people living there. i am too particular about things when i have control over them. this is one of the biggest reasons i haven't ever done it. 

the thing i like the most is being able to do whatever i want with decor. i buy things all the time for when i have my own place. i have so many things in storage waiting to be used someday.

i love going to the parade of homes, browsing pinterest, and taking other mental notes about what i want someday. 


i LOVE color, but i am leaning more and more towards a home with a neutral pallet. i will likely still bring in accent colors, but more neutral tones appeal to me more and more lately. i love brights and whites and lights. it is so clean and crisp and the look i currently love.
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i recently discovered plumb tile. it makes me want to build a house. there are so many options to choose from for the perfect home. they offer everything from kitchen to bathroom to other rooms in the home. i never thought i would want to build. the stress of it all seems like too much for me, but tis is really making me reconsider.
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**this post is sponsored by plumb tile. all opinions are my own**


  1. I've found that I do a lot of neutral but then accent with colors. Our living room feels like it has a lot of color, mostly because of the wall that you see when you first walk in, but it's really just the rug and some table/piano decor that has actual color to it. My kitchen especially, I'm trying to add a bit more color too. I'm kind of regretting staining my table black, I wish it was white, but then I remember that I have kids... and the black hides all of the random food a little bit better ;)


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