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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

blogging the bach 11.1

we are all so excited for this season of the bachelorette to start. we've been group texting for weeks and reading all the funny things online. did anyone see the funny article about the men and their shirts?

who's watching: celsey, alicia, lacy, amanda, megan, and mandi
intro to jojo
did she have some work done?
did she change her makeup?
she lost weight
she must be hungry
intro to guys
if you want to not like a guy, picture his hairy thighs--cel
is he from utah?--amanda about the superfan
he looks like he's wearing blush--megan
that guy looks like he has ED. look at his shoes--mandi
he's hot. nevermind he's not--amanda
first impressions
jordan (former quarterback)
ya he's hot--amanda
i hate the former things--megan
grant (firefighter)
plans to fall in love
robby (former swimmer)
brought wine
alex (marine)
he's short and he can't even find a suit to fit--alicia
will (engineer)
at least he has a real job--amanda
he looks like an engineer--mandi
chad (luxury real estate)
they could do the next hbo show together--amanda
daniel (canadian)
he was awkward--amanda
are those his real teeth--amanda
i need him to get his brows just a little bit--megan
james taylor
he probably should find another job--alicia
how do you know she does not already know how to play?--mandi
jon in a kilt
it's a little breezy--cel
saint nick
i hate santa. he's old and fat and married. i'm hot and single. don't be sneaking into my house--mandi
if you don't like santa in this house, you get underwear--cel
is he saying jojo instead of hoho?--mandi
chase (medical sales)
jake (landscape architect)
so he's a glorified lawn boy--megan
sal with the blue balls
coley (real estate)
ew his tongue came out--amanda
brandon (hipster)
he's gross. why? why?--mandi
james (superfan)
nick s-dancing
i'm a little worried about any guy that can do the splits--cel
get out of here. go back where you came from--megan
evan (ED)
wells DJ
all 4 one
there's a reason he's wearing a helmet--mandi
you should put that helmet back on--megan
luke on a unicorn
we missed his intro
what i saw
definite connection with jordan
chad is cute too
drunken shenanigans
what i heard
i never thought i would say this, but these guys look better in pictures--cel
that was like kissing your grandma--cel
why is everyone wasted?--megan
have you never watched this show? don't drink so much--cel
there is nothing sexy about finding out what someone looks like under a costume--amanda
listen abc. we're tired. we started this an hour late--cel after jake shows up
what i thought
there are a few good ones and a few not so good
who's left: jordan, luke, wells, james t, chris, derek, christian, chase, alex, robby, brandon, james f, ali, santa, vinny, kevin, daniel (collective no)
word tally (we probably missed a few, but things were a little noisy tonight)
i could see myself-3
what are your thoughts this season?

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  1. I'm in love with Luke! Haha, Will does look like an engineer. I don't think he's JoJo's type. Going to be a great season. My recap will be up tomorrow!



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