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Friday, May 13, 2016

unblogged bloggables...april fools day

i love pranks! i love making people laugh. i especially love pranks at work. a little comic relief is always fun. i only like pranks that are funny and don't do any real harm. there are a few of us in the office that have an ongoing prank war.

quite a few months ago, my co-worker chris put thick-it in my drink. it is used to make drinks thicker for babies who need that. it is disgusting! and also funny.

i made plans for months to get her back and april fools day was the perfect opportunity. i filled her desk with small cups with a tiny bit of blue water.

sage really hates receipts. last year on our memorial day trip she was extra mad about the receipts. tiffany and i decided to save all of our receipts all year long until april fools day.
we filled up her car with all the receipts from the year and balloons. it was one of the funniest pranks ever. she couldn't even be mad because it was too funny. 

did you do any pranks for april fools day this year? 

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