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Thursday, May 26, 2016

bon's bookclub-another book i didn't read

i got the checking to see who is coming to book club text from bonnie earlier this week. even though book club is the 4th tuesday of every month, it catches me by surprise every single time. my response this month was pretty classic-"can i still come if i don't even know what book we're reading?" 

the book this month is nineteen minutes by jody picoult. before tuesday night, i knew nothing about the book. 
the group is small enough and diverse enough that we actually talk a lot about the book. the discussion was very interesting. i still don't know a lot about the book, but there was some shootings in a high school by one (or maybe multiple) of the students that had experienced a lot of bullying.
we talked about the book and characters people identified with the most and characters that we disliked the most and which voice we liked. it was a good discussion about the book.

we also talked a lot about bullying. have things changed since we were in high school? there is obviously much more social media influence and cyber bullying, but what about everything else. what exactly is bullying? do we all identify it the same way? i have a lot of thoughts on the subject of bullying, but i really want to know what everyone else thinks.

as always, book club was enlightening and i enjoyed catching up with these ladies.
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  1. This is one of my all time favorite books! You should read it! It's really good.


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