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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

what would you do...with pineapple?

we're a week late on our what would you do linkup this month. that's pretty consistent with my life right now-running about a week behind. better late than never right?!?

this month tayler, suzanna, sharlee, and i want to know...

WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with pineapple?

i love pineapple! lately i have been buying the pre-cut pineapple. it is so easy to eat, and i don't waste so much pineapple sitting on the counter and never being cut.

i don't love plain greek yogurt. i eat it because it's good for me. i am constantly trying to find ways to make it taste a little better. for this post i added frozen pineapple from trader joes and cinnamon. i wouldn't say it was delicious, but it was less gross.

i also love infusing water with fruit. pineapple is one of my favorites. it adds so much flavor.

there are so many more good things to do with pineapple. we want to know..
WHAT WOULD YOU DO...this pineapple?

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