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Monday, May 9, 2016


i talked about pure barre the other day. i grew up dancing, and i have the best memories of dance. i did some barre classes several years ago and loved it then. it's been really fun to get back into barre classes.

i helped with a really fun event at pure barre draper this weekend. michelle money is doing a pilot group for a course she will be launching soon (more details to come). we have all been working together online for the past month. a lot of the girls live in utah so stephanie hosted us all at a fun class this weekend.

in addition to taking a pure barre class, michelle also helped some of the girls with their hair extensions and cut hair right in the studio. after getting our booties kicked in class, we all hung out and chatted. it was such a fun morning. 

meeting people in real life that i have only met online is my favorite. this is an amazing, fun, and great group of girls, and i am so happy to be part of something so much more amazing than hair and makeup.

huge thanks to our sponsors
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