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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

blogging the bach 12.something

this season of the bachelorette is so weird for me. 2 episodes in one week and then a week off plus i feel like i have missed so much this season already. i have pretty much missed half of the show so far. i texted a friend that i am so lost. her response "she likes jordan. she's trying to send chad home, but he is still around for some unknown reason. that's literally all that's happened all season."
monday night tradish is on hold this week due to work and concerts and sickness,etc. 
who's watching-michelle, becky, brie, jessi

chad comes back
what i saw
i don't know what was happening, but all of a sudden chad was back. i'm immediately nervous
cake smashing??? what did i miss when i turned my head for 3 seconds?
what i heard
we have to pay attention for one split second--michelle
what i thought
i keep reading that people like chad. who are these people? he really is the literal worst.

rose ceremony
what i saw
i turned around and saw someone (who knows who) with paper. is someone reading a poem?
what i heard
oh shoot. we're supposed to be watching this--becky
i bet it will go to a commercial--brie when the music got really dramatic
what i thought
i still have no idea who anyone is. by this point i should have some clue what is going on and who is doing it, but i am currently lost

jordan-let's seal the deal
what i saw
dudes back at the house trying to create drama. is it just me or are these guys more dramatic than other seasons?
so basically the dudes see an article about jojo's ex chad. they get upset. she gets upset. there's a lot of crying and everyone is there for the right reasons.
what i heard
basically nothing. no one had anything to say.
what i thought
has he really not had a one on one yet?
jojo really likes jordan. it seems early in the season for us to know who she really really likes so i have my doubts about him.

i can't stand to be away from you-luke, derek, chase, evan, james, vinny, grant, wells, and probably someone else
what i saw
dudes at a spa. is this real?
rolling down the sand-i answered the phone for 2 minutes and missed the entire day date
everyone is kissing jojo and talking serious talk
what i heard
people were talking but not about anything really
what i thought
i like the guys, and i like jojo. i am not really into this season. i'm not really sure why.

love is within our reach--robby
what i saw
robby and jojo probably have a good date. brie was doing some henna on my foot and i pretty much missed the whole thing. i saw the end when robby said he's there for the right reasons and gets the rose. he's falling in love like everyone else there.
what i heard
please fall off-brie as they are about to jump off the cliff
what i thought
we're really starting to like robby

pre-cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
i thought i was seeing the cocktail party until chris harrison comes in and says there isn't a cocktail party. clearly i am still not paying attention.
things seem pretty intense
what i heard
all these guys are hot--becky
what i thought
i am struggling to get into this season. i am kind of lost about what is going on, and i have no clue who anyone is. is it because chad had taken over the whole season so far? is it because i have missed half of what is going on? whatever it is, it's a struggle

who's still here-derek, jordan, robby, luke, chase, alex, james, wells

how's the season going for you? i mostly feel like i have a lot of questions.
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  1. These season of the Bachelorette has been horrible to follow due to two episodes in one week, not finishing either of the episodes with a rose ceremony, then missing a week... It's so confusing!



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