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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

blogging the bach 11.2 AKA becky's birthday party

monday night tradish was on holiday pause this week with everyone traveling back from memorial weekend trips. we decided to watch on our own and pick up next week. 

i can't exactly say i watched or even tell you one single thing that happened, but the show was on in the background of becky's birthday party. we have plans to celebrate next weekend, but we couldn't miss celebrating on the actual day. 

michelle invited all the local money talks girls to come watch and celebrate. we had a fun crowd. i definitely did much more chatting and laughing than actual watching. 

the pictures make it look like some people actually watched. i have no idea if they did or not. i'm so serious when i say i have no idea what happened. all i know is we had a really fun time celebrating becky. who watched this week? fill me in.
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  1. aubrey you are the cutest! i finally got my blog lovin to work so im gonna follow you!
    feel free to follow back - i need to do more blogging! ok bachelorette - the chad guy - eats meat the whole episode.. he does pull ups with his suitcase strapped to his waist.. and he is a jerk!! and chase at the end was super sweet!!!!! i think I like him right now!!

    #moneytalks OGs fo life!

  2. Her birthday party looks simply fantastic! Thanks a lot for sharing these photos here. We have been looking for an outdoor party venue NYC for a friend’s surprise birthday bash. Have decided to host a spring themed party.


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