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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

blogging the bach 12.what episode is this?

is anyone else having a hard time getting into this season? i don't exactly know what the deal is, but i am struggling. i really like jojo, and there are some decent guys. i still am not totally sure who is who and what is going on.
we're at megan's for monday night tradish this week. ever since she moved into her new house, we've been so excited to come see her house plus she's a really good cook.

who's watching: megan, remington, celsey and shawn, amanda, lacey, and some other dude

i guess we're in argentina-who knew?!? like i said i'm lost.

wells-besame besame muchacho
what i saw
what is in his pocket?
the weirdest side kiss
jojo picks up the rose, and we all know he's going home
jojo goes to the concert, performance, whatever it is all by herself-more awkwardness
what i heard
if i ever went on the bachelor, i'm hiring a trainer--celsey
i've decided they all look the same. they are all identical--lacey
and i'm a kissing coach--rem about fabio
they're all just sitting around drinking red wine. in fancy chairs--megan in the middle of the day--rem
note to self-don't wear a dark shirt when you're going to be sweating your a off--cel
sounds like wells likes to friendzone himself--lacey
what i thought
there was so much build up to that kiss.
jojo says she's not feeling it. i'm not feeling it either.

robby, jordan, luke, james, alex-living la vida boca
what i saw
dude drama
what i heard
like she really knows--paul
is he wearing mom pregnancy jeans?--paul
their litle matching leather jackets. they can have matching leather babies--meg
he's for sure coming to the fantasy suite--amanda about luke
don't they know everytime you talk about someone else you go home?--paul
you can do a lot with curly hair. he needs to do something to not make it look like pubic hair--meg
know where you fit on the totem pole--meg
you put boys in a house long enough...--meg
it's a duct tape flower--meg about the flower on robby's jacket
alex is loving this because he likes the drama--amanda
if it's a whatever then why did you even bring it up??--paul
jordan has plenty of fame in his life. he probs doesn't need the bachelorette--amanda
what i thought
why is james wasting his time talking about jordan?
it is never a good idea to throw someone under the bus.ever

derek and chase-it takes two
what i saw
derek was so confident all day which usually means he's going home
some chick singing don't cry for me argentina as derek sobs in the limo
what i heard
don't like that outfit choice. it looks like he just got home from church and took his tie off--meg
she makes me want to have a boob job--amanda
everyone she takes on the dancing date is horrible--meg
he's thinking let's go in a broom closet and boink this out--amanda
what i thought
derek talks about passion and jojo says thank you for that. not a good sign,
chase was about to be a goner, but he saved himself at the last second

cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
it seems like we are going down to 4, but at the last minute she kept them both
what i heard
he's annoying because he's little--rem
i'm sorry i'm judging him--meg
he looks like he's wearing a bump it--meg
what i thought
we're all so mad she kept those last 2

who's left-robby, jordan, chase, luke, alex, james

i'm giving up on the word tally this season. i might pick it up on the last few episodes, but for now i'm taking a break from it.

what did you think about this week?

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