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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

what would you do...upcycling

i love to throw things away. if i don't need it anymore, i don't want it. i am no minimalist by any means, but i hate keeping stuff i won't ever use. 

working with kids has kind of turned me into a hoarder of containers. i spend a large part of my work day helping kids learn how to put things in and out. so many containers are so great for that type of play so i store and then upcycle them.

this month for what would you do we want to know...what would you upcycle?
this is one of my favorite toys and such an easy upcycling project
supplies-formula can, juice lids from juice concentrate or canning lids, stickers, exacto knife
1. remove labels from formula can
2. cut slit in the lid of the can with exacto knife
3. put stickers on juice/canning lids
so quick and so easy. kids learn to put the lids in the can. they also learn the names of the objects on the stickers. it really is one of my favorite toys.

do you like to upcycle? what are some of your favorite upcycled projects? 

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  1. Fun idea!! Let me know if you ever need me to save you some formula cans!


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