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Monday, June 6, 2016

one little word: june goals

i have no clue what happened to may. it was gone before i even had a chance to think about my goals.  
yearly goals to be still
1. morning and night quiet time-i continue to do well with mornings and need to improve with night time.
2. attend the temple monthly-yes Draper
3. color once a week-FAIL-i need to buy a kid coloring book-same-still failing
4. prayer book-keep list of people i need to remember to pray for-the list is beside my bed. i have been doing ok with this 

may goals
1. no treats for 30 days- i mostly did really well until memorial day weekend and then did really bad
2. wake up 15 minutes early to allow time for morning meditation and journaling-i think this happened twice 
3. increase my water intake to more than 100 oz-check
4. be in bed by midnight-big FAIL

june goals
1. quiet time before bed for at least 5 minutes
2. be in bed by midnight
my life has been completely unbalanced lately. i need to really focus on being a little more still and getting more sleep before worrying about any other goals.

how were your may goals? what are you working on for june? grab the button and link up below.

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