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Sunday, June 26, 2016

weekend happs...escape to park city

sometimes it's just good to get away. life is crazy and busy, and it's fun to escape for the weekend. i love taking bigger trips and really getting away, but it's also really nice to go 30 minutes away and still feel gone.
we went up to park city for the weekend late friday afternoon. by the time we all got up there, we decided to just stay in for the night. we went to the store for some food and takeout and spent the rest of the night relaxing and hanging out at the hotel.

i got up early saturday morning to meet my running group. everyone thought i was crazy for getting up so early, but i have a marathon to get ready for. it was a beautiful morning, and even though i was completely exhausted, it was worth getting up.
we spent a few hours at the pool. the weather was perfect and absolutely beautiful. i definitely could have stayed out there all day.
we planned to do a little shopping before dinner. we all started getting ready and ended up taking forever and ever getting ready. i just have to say, we are a bunch of beautiful babes-can i say that???
we went to dinner at a restaurant on main street in park city suggested by the hotel. we didn't end up loving it as much as we hoped. after dinner we went back to the hotel for more relaxing.
we all slept super late sunday morning. after only a few hours of sleep the night before, i really needed that. by the time we got up, it was time to pack up and head out. we went to brunch on main street before leaving. 

this quick weekend escape was exactly what i needed. it's so great to get away from responsibilities sometimes. how was your weekend? any exciting happs?

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  1. Aubs!! You're such a quick blog poster! The weekend looked like so much fun!
    What marathon are you training for? That is exciting!
    Love u! Gretch

  2. It sounds so nice! We're getting away to Park City next weekend :)

  3. The weekend look so great and exiting!
    The view was amazing!



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