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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

blogging the bach 12.3

i was too busy celebrating becky's birthday last week to have one single clue what happened. i had good intentions to go back and watch. you know what they say about good intentions... basically all i heard is that chad is the worst. i'm sure we'll see more of that this week. 
who's watching-celsey, mandi, alicia, lacy, amanda, megan

chase-let's get physical
what i saw
chase is pretty cute
jojo has the cutest high pony
some serious awkwardness
what i heard
i would not do hot yoga with a guy--amanda
i hate this so much and i love hot yoga--megan
this is a terrible date. did they get their budget cut again?--lacy
if they wouldn't have done the yim yam, he wouldn't be getting this rose--mandi
budget cuts--megan
what i thought
i don't have anything to compare to after missing everything last week, but i really like chase and jojo together.

jordan, grant, wells, james f, christian, ali, daniel, vinny, nick, adam, alex, chad-love has no secrets
what i saw
boy drama
chad is straight up out of control
what i heard
i really like his face, but he's just so short--megan
he loves this date--megan about evan
you're a radio dj. this should be easy for you--megan
he's really never seen this show because he just thinks everything is ridiculous--megan
she's probably never going to plan a crossfit date so he's never going to be happy--cel
don't be the tattle tale. that never works out. and you're the ugly one--lacy
oh how quickly he changed his tune--megan
what's he going to break this time?--mandi
villians gotta vil--megan quoting jj
what i thought
a lot of awkward dates happening so far this season
chad is actually the worst. he says he doesn't want to come off as a complete jerk. too late.

james t-let's kick it old school
what i saw
not always a fan of the old school look
what i heard
he's cute in a dorky kind of way--megan
did they just hire him off the street for half a second to be the security guard--lacy
look at all these people whose careers have now peaked from being on the bachelorette--lacy
this is the most special you have ever felt?--megan
did they lose their date budget?--lacy
singer/songwriter-is he completely broke?--amanda
this is a legitimate question--amanda
but then i rebounded real quick when i found out i would be the bachelorette--megan
jojo, do you know where liars go?--amanda
what i thought
this date is boring. can we fast forward?

pool party/rose ceremony
what i saw
going to tattle tale to chris h is probably not the best idea-scratch that. it is not a good idea.
what i heard
evan is just not stuck on getting chad home-pansy--amanda
what i thought
we're all mad at the to be continued

word tally-so the word tally was a little off tonight. i put someone else in charge, and things did not go well.

my favorite so far is definitely chase. i'll pick my final four by next week. who are your faves?

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  1. Crazy episode. I don't think Evan should have accused Chad of using steroids. It's a serious accusation and drug use is not funny. However, Chad should not be saying that he is going to cut all the guys up into pieces. None of this is funny anymore!



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