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Friday, April 5, 2013

5 fun facts Friday

i totally had some good ideas earlier in the week, and now i can't remember any of them.
note to self...write it down

i love all the random 5 facts going around instagram and blogland so i'm linking up with megan for another/final round...

1. i love love love hoodies, but i always feel weird wearing them. utah is rainy and cold today so i'm wearing a hoodie. we'll see how long i last before it's driving me crazy.
2. ive never seen most of the movies everyone is supposed to see...princess bride, pride and prejudice, goonies, ya know all the big ones
3. after a rainy run this morning instead of washing my wet hair like most normal people, i just sprayed some beach babe and called it good
4. i don't like pizza...yes i am american
5. i can craft with the best of them, but i can't draw to save my life...maybe one day i'll show you

what 5 random facts do i not know about you? come on..i know you're dying to share. head on over to megan's blog and link up or leave your facts in the comments.

1 comment:

  1. Aubrey! You are looking so skinny! And rocking the hoodie :)


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