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Sunday, April 14, 2013

weekend recap

it's been a few weeks since there's been a weekend recap around here. i'm trying really hard to love the weekdays a little more, but i really do love the weekends.

friday lunch is one of my most favorite days of the month. good food+current and former co-workers+chatting=great time. always. we went to melty way. it just happened to be national grilled cheese day so it was perfect timing. although i don't really like melted cheese, i do really like grilled cheese. it was delish! if i wasn't afraid of gaining 5 pounds every time i ate there, i would be eating there regulary.

i can't even believe i am posting this thing. i signed up to bring a baked item for the young women girls camp fundraiser. this was definitely not my best work (don't tell anyone i totally cheated and used canned frosting), and i made them promise not to tell anyone i made it. i feel like i need to make another cake soon to redeem myself. anyone need a gender reveal?!?

i was really really happy with bijou market this year. sometimes my i can make that syndrome goes completely crazy at things like that. there were quite a few things that i really just can't make. it's always fun to see what everyone is making.

saturday morning was absolutely perfect for a run. we did my favorite start in olympus cove and run to liberty park run. i love love love it every time. my past couple of weeks of running have gone pretty well. so well that i decided to sign up for the big cottonwood marathon in sept. maybe you saw the embarrassing post on facebook. i didn't know it was going to post like that, but it did save me money on the registration fee which i guess is worth a little embarrassment.

i already posted about girls night with my old holladay roommates. highlight of the weekend for sure.

i also...
 bought a plane ticket to get from st kitts to st thomas last month (phew i was getting a little nervous)
caught up on blog reading
read a few chapters of the book club book (that's pretty much a miracle)
and finally caught up on the laundry that's been taking over my room

how was your weekend?

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  1. I tend to catch up on blog reading over the weekends too lol


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