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Thursday, April 4, 2013

if you need it...

people ask me all the time what in the world is in my big purse. the truth is, people tease me all the time about such a gigantic purse...until they need something out of it. i don't know exactly when it became my job to carry around any and every little thing people could possibly need, but now people expect it. so...i'm linking up with lauren from pink on the cheek and carly from lip gloss and crayons to answer that burning question..

what's in your purse?

there's obviously a lot in there
right now i'm using this big huge bag from h&m
a few elastics, 2 clips, pack of colored bobby pins
vera bradley sunglasses case with sunglasses
iphone ear buds
stride gum
clinique cosmetic case (complete with tissue, floss picks, lint sheets, shout wipes, powder, bandaids, tums, hand sanitizer, more bobby pins and hair elastics, floss, clippers, eye drops, tweezers, advil, lotion, tampons, and 4 things of lip gloss)...told you i have everything
cold medicine and vitamin c 
vera bradley credit card wallet
hobo wallet
enough pens for a classroom and a comb
march madness bracket that's been dead for days
little notebook
checkbook...does anyone still write checks?
little snack bag with almonds
sometimes my iphone is in there but it's usually in my back pocket

holy crap...when i write that all out it is ridiculous. like i said, if you need it, come find me.


  1. Aubrey, that is SO GREAT! Seriously, you are awesome and I'm so glad we work together! Now I know...if I need it just ask if it is in your purse. Could'a guessed! :)


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