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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

never ever ever

even though my mom always told me to never say never, i'm linking up with neely to bring you ...

NEVER EVER EVER will you EVER hear me say..
1. pizza sounds really good right now
2. i really want to go camping
3. i'm such a daredevil
4. let's watch all the lord of the rings movies (or any of them for that matter)
5. some people look just as good with no makeup
6. i feel weird with painted nails
7. that's too much sparkle
8. i didn't make my bed today
9. holiday birthdays are fun
10. even though i can make it, i'm definitely buying it (although sometimes i should just buy it)

what are some things you would never ever ever say ever? link up your post or respond in the comments. can't wait to see what everyone has to say.


  1. Same way about making must be done MUST

  2. No pizza? what? I love the "thats too much sparkle." so you :)

  3. No pizza? Crazzzzzy and I love camping lol



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