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Monday, April 8, 2013

spring break

spring break was absolutely 100% fab. i decided to stay in town/be productive. it was a great week and only encouraged my dreaming of someday being a stay at home something.

the current working girls pretended to be stay at homes with the real stay at homes at a fun fun fun play date

i did a bouffant bun hair tutorial for to come

i made abby's homemade honey mustard dressing for the most delicious chicken

april's goal of wearing blue everyday is in full force

organized and shredded papers, papers, and more papers...mostly retirement statements

blogger roundtable part 2 happened..full update coming soon

ran outside during the was the best really cleaned the entire inside of my car

co-worker maria took me to rancho. i actually really liked it and will most definitely be going back.

i loved loved loved spring break. i could probably have another month off and fill it with all kinds of stay at home stuff, but luckily i really like my job because spring break is over.


  1. 'bout time you tried out Ranchos. I used it often when I was living right by it. BUT what I would do more often was take the Rancho's ad to Walmart and price match stuff.

  2. that chicken looks super duper scrumptious! oh and all the girls :) so much fun! Looks like you had a great spring break!

  3. So what's this chicken recipe I keep hearing about?


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