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Sunday, April 28, 2013

the sponsor part of blogging {blogger roundtable part 2}

one of the highlights of spring break (yes i know that was a month ago) was part 2 of the blogger roundtable.  part 1 was so so so much fun so even though it meant driving to utah county on a day off, it was well worth it. the topic this time was sponsorships...when to start, how much to pay, how much to charge, what to expect, etc. the topic generated a lot of great conversation. i am not at the point where i feel like i can devote the time required to accept paid sponsors, but i will happily button swap or product review. 

the night was lots of fun. i met more fun bloggers and got some really great information. i am so happy bonny and elizabeth put this thing together.

the lovely hosts

we really do sit around a table and talk blogging all the night long

thank you bella the blog for the non iphone pics which i actually got from bonnie's blog

if you want to swap buttons or have me review your product, let me know


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