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Saturday, April 20, 2013

on my mind

today's fat mum slim #fmsphotoaday prompt was "on my mind." she makes the list a month in advance so obviously she had no idea that most people probably have had a lot on their mind this week (marathon bombing, plant explosion, missing child. etc).

as a runner i have definitely had a lot on my mind this week. i have experienced a wide variety of emotion...anger, fear, horror, pride, relief, calm, and believe it or not even joy. i could go on and on about the negative emotions i have felt and will probably still continue to feel, but what is the point of that? it only makes things worse.

when i first heard the news of the bombing on monday, i immediately got online to check on a friend. fortunately i was able to find out right away that she was ok and later in the evening heard she finished the race.

a marathon finish is such an amazing experience. after finding out my friend was ok the next thought i had was oh great i just signed up for a marathon 2 days ago. a few days later i am actually really happy i signed up for a marathon. runners are already coming together to show support for boston and to KEEP RUNNING!

i got home from work that night forgetting about the giant pile of laundry on my bed. my new york marathon hoodie was on the top of the pile. it's hard to put into words how i felt. i will most likely never run the boston marathon ( i am way too slow), but i did run a really really big marathon, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. i was seriously overcome with emotion seeing that piece of clothing.

the salt lake marathon was today. i didn't have plans to watch the race at all, but i happened to park my car along the course when i went running this morning. i am so glad i was there. i saw the first runners come through. the first 2 men were wearing shirts in support of boston with KEEP RUNNING on the back. i probably saw 10-15 runners in shirts from the boston marathon 5 days ago. running one marathon is such an accomplishment, but to run 2 in less than a week is so amazing to me. races are always super emotional for me, but this was exceptionally emotional. the weather was terrible. it was freezing and so so rainy, but people were out there. the running community is huge, but it is incredible to see how small it is at the same time as people come together to show support for a cause. my friend who ran boston on monday ran today. i literally had tears in my eyes talking to her this afternoon about the experience.
i may never be fast enough to run the boston marathon, and i may never run another big marathon again, but today and everyday i felt extremely proud to call myself a runner. i feel joy thinking about all the good memories i have from running. aside from the sheer horror of the whole situation, i find some comfort in seeing people come together and to make a statement that people will forever KEEP RUNNING!

***several local running companies including the salt lake running company and wasatch running have put together runs on monday evening to benefit boston. how amazing to see that put together in just a few days.
***i am feeling extremely inadequate to teach sunday school tomorrow following such a rough week. say a little prayer:)

what are your thoughts about all of this? what's been on your mind this week.

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  1. I don't have anything profound to say, but I wanted to say I enjoyed reading this post about your thoughts and feelings. Thanks for sharing Aubrey


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