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Saturday, April 27, 2013

monday memories

jess is starting a new serious...monday memories. i think it's a great idea and will probably join her from time to time.'s not monday, and this was last week, but i'm posting anyway.
we got together to plan our st. thomas trip. mostly we all pulled out our computers. they all looked up stuff, and i looked at twitter. also, nothing really got planned. everyone started playing some dice game, and i continued looking at twitter and documenting the whole thing on instagram.
meet kari, cheryl, julie, and laurann. they will make more appearances on the blog especially the st thomas posts
niki was in town from texas for the weekend, and i was lucky enough to see her. we took this picture in the worst lighting possible...who knew. 

i went to dinner with one of my fave bloggers bonnie. i seriously about died when she suggested we hang out. although i do know her in real life now, i was still straight up dying. we could have stayed at dinner for hours and hours more than we did chatting it up about life and of course blogging. in an epic case of blogger fail, we did not take a picture. i'm still mad about it.

i got an impromptu text to meet up for lunch with in and out of town friends today. it was fab even if i was in my biking clothes.

speaking of biking, remember how i switched my bike pedals to clips last year and never rode again?!? unfortunately i have a 30 mile charity ride next week. i had big plans to bike today until my bike had a flat tire...again. please bless i don't die next week.

i'll be back pretty pronto with more memories...maybe even on monday next time.


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