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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 goals

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i never used to pick a word for the year, but the past couple of years i really like having a theme word for the year. before we talk about 2014, here's a little rundown of
2013...FUN (i blogged about my plans for the year)
daily fun... i started out posting on twitter daily, but dropped off pretty early. i still had a lot of fun in 2013
document 12 started but need to keep working on this 
spend less...hit and miss/needs improvement
send birthday cards in the mail...mostly successful. probably my favorite goal of the year. plan to continue. make sure i know when your birthday is
write in my journal at least once a month...started and finished strong with a gap in the middle
monthly goals (1 per month all year) sugar january, month of hair, month of blue, 30x30, focus on blog, transfer to bloglovin, 30x30 again, write down money spent on food for month, 30x30 again...i did ok on monthly goals and need to do a little better in 2014
i made good progress on a lot of goals and had a lot of FUN
and now my word for 2014 is...


with all the fun and other things of 2013, my life was pretty out of balance. i want to continue to have fun and enjoy life, but i also need to take care of myself. i have a goal to spend reasonable amounts of time on things i want to do, things i need to do, and things in between. i'm pretty sure more balance will help me have a happier more fulfilling life.
i'm still trying to figure out exactly what BALANCE looks like for me, and i'm excited to spend 2014 getting there.

as well as my quest for BALANCE, i like the idea of setting monthly goals. unnecessary spending (no clothes, no makeup, no nail polish, etc.)
february...i'm considering month of hair again, but i'm not committing yet
march...maybe read a book or i might change to something else
april...something autism related for autism awareness month
may-december...still undecided
i obviously still have some thinking to do. i will continue to set goals throughout the year.

here's to a fun, healthy, productive, and BALANCEd 2014.


  1. I like balance! I know it's impossible to have all the time, but it's certainly important to strive for!! I can't believe Juan-uary starts on Monday! I think I'm going to be REALLY late on the first post since it's Adam's birthday, my parents will be here and I guess there is a football game that day. . .

  2. I love your word for 2014, balance is something everyone needs a little of! I hope you'll share with us what sort of balance you are looking for and how you plan to accomplish it in 2014. I love how everyone is posting their resolutions, I need to work on mine...

  3. I love seeing everyone's word for the years. Its interesting to see who needs what in their life, and I LOVE your word. It's so important to have balance in our lives.

  4. Here's a website with hair ideas if you decide to do that again:


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