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Thursday, February 27, 2014

being a utah blogger

being a utah blogger comes with plenty of perks. utah is like the motherland of bloggers. there are so many of us here. there is always something going on. there are always people to meet up with. there is always someone to brainstorm ideas with. if i tried a little harder, there is always someone to swap fashion or other photos with. there are plenty of people to give advice or to help out with most any and every blog or other related thing. there are great connections and hookups. all of this makes me wonder what in the world took me so long to connect with utah bloggers. my first blog friends are people from all over the place except here which kind of makes no sense at all. i am so happy i finally came to my senses. i'm pretty lucky living here. i continue to meet amazing friends who happen to be bloggers.
BUT...(you knew it was coming)
saying goodbye to kelsey

i recently discovered there is a downside. a lot of people living in utah aren't here to stay. i came to utah with the very same intention. i was here to go to school and then get the heck out. well, here i am a lot of years later. i am likely here to stay. i am also one of the oldest bloggers around the place. many utah bloggers are in school or have husbands in school. school ends and people get the heck out of here. in the past month, 3 utah blog friends have moved or are moving this week. i know there are a few other moves in the works soon and in the next couple of years probably more. the utah crowd is a bit transient.
let's get real, no one likes goodbyes, but i really really hate them. i hate not knowing if/when i'll see these friends again. thank the heavens for social media and blogs so we can still easily keep up on each other's lives, but it's just not the same.  thank the heavens also for the utah bloggers who are more settled here. even though it's sad and pretty inevitable, i'll keep making friends with utah bloggers who may eventually leave. the risk is worth the reward.


  1. Great post. I really enjoyed reading this and learnign more about what it's like where you live!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I am here to stay, but I understand!!! :P It's sad when our friends leave!

  3. I am here to stay as well!!! so sad to see them leave though! :(

  4. I wish Georgia had lots of bloggers but sadly we don't. I think some GA peaches are scared to put their self out there as they say. I mean, really..... wtf.

    It would rock my socks off if you'd join the blog challenge. should be fun. Opened now so come join.

  5. HATE goodbyes! Wish I lived closer so we could "party" together :)


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