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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

blogging the bach 18.6...when in doubt, make out

i know we're all excited to chat about the bach, but before we get started...
did you enter the runner giveaway yet? or
the green brocade necklace giveaway?
the agnes and dora leggings online party starts tomorrow. be prepared for the most amazing leggings.

the bach is getting super crazy. kimberly, ashley, and i are here to tell you all about it. the link up is a tiny bit delayed this week, but it's coming. the main theme of this week is when in doubt, makeout.

juan p says new zealand is the perfect place to fall in love...isn't every place on the bach the perfect place
chelsie says it's the most beautiful place she's ever seen...i am spoiled and have been to some of the most beautiful places. i can't even decide which is the most beautiful. also i want to go to new zealand.
cassandra keeps calling juan p juan, and it's driving me crazy.
why are half the girls in workout clothes?

one on one numero uno...andi...let's heat things up
andi is the best dressed always. i really love her a lot and am so excited for her date.
they ride in a boat, go swimming in a swamp, and andi says it feels good to be taken care of. sometimes people tell me i am too independent/intimidating for guys. i hate that, but maybe it's a little true.
andi wants to get to know juan p so they talk for a sec and then makeout.
andi "i can't wait to have a family", and juan p is prob thinking "i can't wait to makeout".
andi is my top fave this season, but i don't think she is the best match for juan p. i really hope she's the next bachelorette.

group date...let love roll
cassandra keeps talking about her birthday, and i'm already nervous for her.
the hop in the balls, and i'm pretty nervous someone is going to lose a top.
they got to the hobbit house. i don't like lord of the rings. in fact i have never seen it. i'm not married=i don't have to watch that stuff.
renee...they actually talk and then makeout of course
nikki...she tells her feelings and then a makeout sesh
sharleen...talks again about this process being inorganic. what the heck does that even mean? and then they makeout.
cassandra...her time with juan p is awks.
is anyone surprised cassandra went home?

one on one numero dos
date starts with a repeat of cocktail convo from last week and then they makeout
they have dinner and then makeout
they dance and makeout some more
clare is sure she is the one. next week is going to be rough on her

cocktail party/rose ceremony
nikki...i'm wearing pink underwear--i like pink--i like you...makeout sesh
renee... a little talky talk and more makeout
chelsie...talks and talks and talks
kat goes home, and no one is surprised right?!? she's says it's a marathon not a sprint. has she ever seen this show? it's totally a sprint.

best dressed is really hard to pick this week. fashion is all over the place. i love andi's scarf. sharleen is really dressy. renee wears a leather jacket. what is going on.
not my fave...kat

random thoughts
renee is my new fave for juan p. clare is probably a good match too even though she drives me nutso.
juan p isn't very good at talking. english is obvi really rough for him.
the kissing/no kissing rules are clear
ly out the window...lots of makeouts tonight.

word tally
love...28...things are getting serious
sexy...not tonight

who is your fave? come back and link up or leave your link in the comments.

playing catch up
week 3
week 2
week 1


  1. Renee is definitely my favorite for him! I really like Andi...but I think I agree with you that I would rather see her as the next bachelorette!

  2. Some of the kissing last night drove me insane! Don't worry, we haven't talked yet, but I'm just dying to make out with you, so let's do that instead!

  3. Renee has always been my favorite for him. I just hope he realizes it would be the healthiest relationship. I could also see Nikki working out really well. Do you follow Kelly dog lover on twitter? Freaking HILARIOUS last night.

  4. Did Andi and JP talk at all?! It certianly didn't seem like it. I didn't have Clare in my final four, but I think she makes it to the end.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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