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Friday, February 7, 2014

fruit bouquet

i needed a birthday treat last week. it seems like people are a little sick of treats and trying to eat healthy. i decided to make a fruit bouquet instead of something sweet. it was pretty easy and turned out great.

1. gather supplies including fruit (i used pre-cut fruits), bamboo skewers, green floral foam, pot or other small container.
2. you could leave the pot the way it is. i painted a gold trim.
line edge with painters tape.
3. paint  a few coats at least. I used gold craft paint and a sponge brush.
4. let dry, remove tape, and it's done
5. cut foam and squish in bottom of pot. cut several small pieces so bottom is completely covered. break skewers to varying sizes. stick skewers in foam.

6. put fruit on skewers and voila you're done.

i made another for book club (more to come). i painted the pot pink and sprinkled with very fine red glitter. it's really cute but definitely a mess.

a couple of unrelated announcements...
what would you do...with a target (or anywhere) cardigan is coming up. throw on a cardi, take a few pics, and link up next wednesday
the agnes and dora online leggings sale is next week. get ready to buy the most comfortable leggings of your life
there are still some giveaways going on.



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