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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

carabox reveal

I have the best luck with blogger package swaps. I got paired with Kristine and Kenzie for the carabox exchange. We got matched up by state this time which was so awesome. I got to meet both of them when I went to St. George last month. Meeting Kristine before sending her box made it so much fun picking out things for her. Kenzie sent me the most amazingly perfect package. 
I died at the cuteness of the box. The inside was just as good. 
Blogger friend Jacquelyn posted her new planner on Instagram a few weeks ago. I've been searching every Target for her gold polka dot planner. I use my phone calendar for everything except blogging. I need a paper calendar, and this is to die for perfect. 
The whole box was perfect. It was full of sparkle, and I'm in serious love. Thanks so much Kenzie for hooking me up with such amazing stuff.


  1. I am in love with that planner!! And that nail polish!

  2. WOW... you really do luck out on these! How often do they do these gift exchanges? I may want to get in on it one time! I LOVE that planner, even tho I use Google Calendar for everything.

  3. That planner - those polishes - even that card!! Everything in your box really went along with the theme! You made out like a champ! How fun. Love this swap!

  4. You're welcome dear! I had so much fun putting this box together after meeting you. Sparkle really is the perfect word to express your personality, so of course the box had to sparkle in every object!

  5. Holy Moly! You did get a FAB partner. Love the planner and Essie polish :)


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