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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

wear it wednesday (on tuesday)..jane cardi

i know i know. it's tuesday not wednesday. double nights of the bach are throwing off my blogging schedule. blogging the bach is tomorrow.

is anyone else obsessed with daily deals sites? there is so much good stuff always. my new fave is they have the cutest stuff with the best deals.
some of the faces I make when trying to take a serious fashion photo just have to be posted. 

we all know i'm obsessed with cardigans, but i am recently obsessed with elbow patches too. i'm dying. anyone else? head on over to jane, and see more to die for elbow patches.

bracelets-the shine project
watch-old nordstrom
shoes-toms ballet flats

i totally planned to style this cardi with short boots, but the weather here has been a dream. flats seemed like a much better option.
i orderd my cardi and had it within a couple of days. do yourself a favor and head on over to


  1. I need to get on the deal site bandwagon! I get emails from one called...buffalo something. I love those elbow patches, I'd love a sweater or even a jacket with those! Cute!

  2. I love your playground pictures!! :) So fun, and now I want to go outside and play!!! :)

  3. That is the cutest cardi! I've signed up for a few of the daily deal sites, but I never seem to get anything for myself.


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