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Monday, February 17, 2014

sunshine award

i've been nominated for the sunshine award...twice. i don't know if i'm very deserving since i am taking forever to actually respond. i am flattered, and feel major guilt about how long it's been. i'm not following the rules at all either.
basically the rules include: respond to award with a post answering the questions, nominate other bloggers and ask them questions. i'm sure there is something in the rules about not taking 6 months to respond, but i ignored that part.
questions from kate
1. What are you doing today? getting my blogging butt organized including dropped the blogspot. glory glory hallelujah.
2. What is your favorite holiday and why? i love all the holidays. i love decorations and treats and fun gifts for friends.
3. Where is your dream destination? What would you do there? a beautiful beach. i would do nothing but relax. i always wanted to go to the virgin islands. i went on a dream vacation there last spring. my main goals were to catch up on my sleep and get a tan. i did both and it was heavenly.
4. What is your go-to dinner meal? stir fry with various sauces
5. Name your favorite fall fashion trend. (this questions tells you how long ago i got this award). cardigans and scarves
6. If you could live anywhere where would it be and why? 1. somewhere warm because i HATE the snow or 2. by family because it's sad living away
7.If you could only shop at one store for clothes for the next 5 year what store would you choose? probably Target except i kind of hate their pants
8. What is your all time favorite Christmas gift you have ever received? matching homemade cabbage patch dolls with my sister and cousin
9. Halloween just passed....what candy did you sneak from your kids baskets? (Or what will you steal in the future?) (again this shows how long ago this was...oops) no kids so no basket but probably peanut m&ms
10. What song comes on the radio that you immediately turn up? anything miley i know i embarassing

questions from Jacquelyn
1. What’s your current workout pump it up song? anything miley
2. Who is your favorite Big Bang Theory character? i've only seen big bang a few times. the neighbor girl next door.
3. If you could have any super power what would it be? probably flying. driving sucks up so much of my time every single day.
4. Are you guilty of ever asking a/s/l? negative
5. Most of the clothes in your closet can be found from what three stores? Target, Gap outlet, Old Navy
6. Are you pro or anti vampires (answer carefully… this could affect our friendship)? anti. i read all the twilights, but that's just weird.
7. If you could live anywhere in the world with everything you need/want there, where would you live? see #6 above
8. What’s your guilty pleasure food? the chips part of chips and sals
9. I love this Q from Jenn so I’m stealing it… What are 3 positive words to describe you? responsible, dependable, driven
10. How stoked are you that I nominated you? don't let the length of time it took to respond answer this question for me. i'm so stoked duh.

i nominate you...yes you. here are your questions.
1. favorite olympic sport?
2. instagram, twitter, or facebook. why?
3. how do you relax?
4. if you could be on any show, what show would it be?
5. favorite song?
6. blog you must read daily
7. most exciting spring trend
8. never leave the house without...
9. favorite type of workout
10. 1 little confession

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