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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

what would you do...5.0

kimberly and i are back for another round of what would you do...and this time we want you to join us.
WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with a target (or any other store) cardigan?
kimberly and i both love a good cardi and love target so combining the two just makes sense.
so...WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with a cardigan???

1. grab the intern at work and force her to take a few pics for you

 target (duh) cardi, old shirt, kohls skinnies, urban outfitters scarf, toms

2. meet up with fellow blogger (bonnie) for a legit photo shoot. legit meaning we are both trying to figure out how in the world to use our DSLR cameras

target (duh) cardi, old navy chambray, HUE leggings, frye boots, shine project bracelets, blooms and co necklace

i'm sure this goes without saying but i love love love a good cardi. i wear one basically every single day of my life. i could keep going on and on about what to do with a target cardi, but i want to see what you would do. link up below. i can't wait to see what kimberly did with her target cardi.

come join us next month for WHAT WOULD YOU DO...
with a yard of fabric? kimberly and i are swapping fabric so expect lots of fun.


  1. I love your bow and scarf in that top picture!!! I need to buy a Target cardi! My cream colored one has seen better days, and Target has some really nice ones, I just keep spending my envelope money on other things :P Blah for me, right?!
    P.S. I'm really going to try and join in on next month's link-up. I have the best intentions and life just gets in the way :P

  2. I love the small stripe running through your cardigan. I think it's time for a new Target cardigan for me!!

  3. I have been searching all over for some great cardigans and no one seems to sell them any more, or they only have black/grey/tan/navy or super ugly/expensive ones. I'm so frustrated looking for the perfect cardigans! Help??? Target (at least here in SoCal) has been the biggest disappointment but I've also tried F21, Old Navy, Gap, Express...


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