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Saturday, February 1, 2014

hallelujah we survived january

january is quite possibly the worst month of the year, but we survived! hallelujah! let's celebrate. i'm giving away all kinds of stuff because i'm so happy january is over.
did you enter the bare minerals giveaway yet? go now!
check out the awesome ad space giveaway below and stay tuned in a couple of days for a running themed giveaway. i'm telling you, it's time to celebrate the end of january.



  1. I haven't seen this done before, what a neat idea! I HATE January, too... don't tell my husband that, tho... it is his bday month. ;)

  2. That is excellent! January really is the worst, isn't it... First there are resolutions (aka Satan's first attempt at making us feel bad about ourselves)... then it's freezing (Satan's way of making us want to sit inside all day with a cup of cocoa watching Hulu... aka, his second attempt at making us feel bad about ourselves) So basically January is Satan's month... I should have blogged about that.


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