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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

blogging the bach 18.7...the week of awks

kimberly, ashley, and i are back for another round of blogging the bach. kimberly and i actually watched together this week which made it extra fun. since the bach is on for 2 nights next week (monday and tuesday), look for one big blogging the bach on wednesday next week.
this season is full of awkwardness. i don't know if it's the language barrier or if juan pab is really that awks or if it's the girls or what. this week seemed especially awks to the max. rather than give you a play by play of what you probably already watched, let's discuss the awkwardness that made up this week. yes?

intro to miami
everything is pretty normal/things are getting real...i guess they have been fake the past 6 weeks.
the penthouse is amaze, and they might as well be in another country.

sharlene...come sea my city
s. gets the date card and responds "you're not kidding?"...awks
she doesn't know why she's there...awks (not for the right reasons i guess)
s. talks about being uptight and juan pabs says "you're not that tight"...awks again
could these two be anymore awks?!?
their attempts to converse result in nasty awkward makeout sesh after makeout sesh
the word chemistry is said a lot, and i'm really sad i didn't keep a tally
s. talks about change and it's so awkward i have no clue what on earth she is talking about=awks

nikki...listen to my heart beat
starts awkward right from the date card...i really want to like nikki, but she's making it difficult. i do love her outfit
she meets the parents and the seems like it would be super awks, but she seems mostly fine
she rocks her evening outfit, but i'm waiting for an awkward wardrobe malfunction
juan pabs would rather kiss than throw the ball so that's just perfect.

timeout from the regular events of the week. sharlene decides to leave. i've said it before. juan p isn't my favorite. in fact, he bugs me quite often, but the way he handled the whole sharlene sitch was pretty impressive to me.

group hometown for yours
group date=awkward no matter what. this close to end makes that worse
chelsie shows juan some notes from her parents. we all know she's not making it past this week so we all feel awkward for her.
andi gets the rose and more time and her evening dress is perfect for miami
clare and the others go home. clare and nikki have the most awkward "fight". i'm still confused about the point of it all. the awkwardness just continues.

rose ceremony/cocktail party
just when i thought things couldn't get any more awkward than earlier in the week. i was so wrong. major silence and tension...who is right nikki or clare?

so there you have it. awkwardness left and right. go check out what everyone else is saying and link up if you wrote a post.

word tally ( i was kind of chatty so i probably missed a few)


  1. Thinking back, I get what Nikki was saying, that she didn't want to sit and talk about Andi. BUT, she did it in a really odd way. She could have just said that. "I really love Andi and I don't want to say anything bad about her, so I'm going up stairs"

    Thanks for coming over last night!! It was really fun!

  2. Awkward is a great way to sum up yesterday's episode... so true...

  3. I think the producers made more drama of the Clare/Nikki fight bc this season is lacking a person to hate. No Tiara (was that her name?) or Ben. I think both Clare and Nikki get annoying at times, but they don't have that overall hate quality of people from other seasons.

    The preview of the hometowns and Andi in the fantasy suite sweet awks too!!

  4. I like how JP handled the whole Sharllen sitch too. Can't wait for next week!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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