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Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Feature


I'm Rachael, the owner of a Nautical Inspired blog, LUMUHAND. Quite fluent in sass, I'm a late 20-something high school English Teacher who used to be a professional wedding/event planner in San Diego, and who-hopes-to-get-back-to-this-passion-in-the-near-future. I'm a former East Coast military brat (Go Navy! Beat Army!) living in Western KY. I'm definitely a foodie who loves DIY projects, group texting with my besties, anything nautical, traveling, Starbucks...the list is literally infinitesimal.

Anyways, Aubrey is off to Arizona and when she recently tweeted asking if anyone wanted to guest post, naturally, I invoked my best Katniss impression (I would be besties with J. Law #noshame) and was like, I volunteer as tribute.

So, here I am, taking over the helm of her blog to represent District pick-a-number-any-number, to introduce myself and to ask the question, what happiness look like to you? 

To me, right now...Happiness is..

1. An iced caramel white chocolate mocha with no ice and extra milk. You can get more drink this way! Bad for my crystallizing veins and thirsty fat cells, but thrifty for my wallet, right?

2. The sound of my sweet fur babies snoring; both the 24-toed, 17 lb. pussy cat, Tiptoe; and her foxy, Pomeranian sister Pippa, whom she tolerates, but I adore except when she greets my boyfriend by pooping on his living room carpet.. Oops..

3. A long, hot bubble bath 
Fact: This quote is actually painted on the ceiling above the tub in the Master Bath in the home I just impulsively bought and close on, on April 1st.

3.5. Philosophy's Pink Frosted Animal Cracker 3-in-1 (shampoo, body wash, bubble bath). It smells like the deliciously yummy treat, so you can get your fix sans calories. 

4. Murder She Wrote on Netflix, all 259 episodes. I remember watching the show as a youth at my Gramman and Grandad's house. I basically grew up with Angela Lansbury's sleuthing, I'll-catch-every-murderer-this-episode character, Jessica B. Fletcher...and apparently you learn in episode 4, that the "B" stands for Beatrice. The mystery of that middle initial is solved after 28 years.  

5. Spending time with my boy, exploring Memphis (we went to Graceland last weekend). In long distance relationships, you cherish the time that you actually get to physically spend together, in the same zip code versus digital dates, and I can't wait to see more new places with him.  

How adorable is my boy? He gifted me with these Chuck Taylors in February. It may be hard to read, but the inside of the shoes read: May these shoes take you great places...hopefully with me. #yesplease

What does happiness look like to you? 
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