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Thursday, March 13, 2014

triple threat: ankle booties

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first things first, did you enter the cutest toddler dress giveaway? feel free to link up any sewing projects.
second thing, these ankle booties aren't what i intended to post BUT something really bad happened. i took some cute pictures at work a couple of months ago in preparation for this link up. i was so on top of things i uploaded them to my new computer and deleted them from my camera. unfortunately i stepped on my computer, cracked the screen, and it's now at the computer shop. so, those pictures will have to be for some other time. for now i will post this other pair of slightly above the ankle boots.

 i took these the same day. my standard pose. please someone help me be less awkward taking pictures...puh leaaaaase.
green brocade cardi, old navy chambray, hue leggings, frye boots
target cardi
photo credit bonnie

i've been told over and over how much i will love these boots. winter was pretty mild around here this year so i didn't wear boots as much as i normally do. i'm still not sure i love them. i always think ankle booties are so cute, but i feel weird sometimes. what do you think? love? hate? let's hear it.



  1. Oh I love the green cardi! A fun change to my typical chambray combinations. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Haha, I think you look great taking pictures! I would look terrible in mine :P haha

  3. I think you look good in those boots! Sometimes I wear something, and I'm not really feeling it until someone tells me how good they look. But you look great! and as for poses, I went to take pictures for my sisters fashion blog a while ago, I just went and searched my favorite fashion blogs and used some of their poses. Hopefully that helps! :)

  4. I bought some ankle boots a few years ago and I ONLY wear them under jeans. Until my cousin's wedding in Jan and I tried them with a skirt and I liked them. Sometimes you just gotta keep 'em for a while and let them grow on ya. I like them on you!!

  5. I think ankle boots look way cute on other people (you included!) but don't feel like I can pull them off. I've worn my flats a ton thanks to our mild winter.


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