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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

blogging the bach 18.10...women tell all/no regrets

this season is dragging on for me. anyone else? i am usually so sad when the bach ends, but this season i am pretty stoked to be at the tale end. ashley, kimberly, and i are back to dish on the bach.
before the show even started, i was/am pretty sad i can't live tweet and blog. both take too much concentration. live tweeting might have been the better option this time. also.i kind of hate that everyone watches in different time zones which makes twitter tricky anyway. one other side all staff meeting at work consisted of lots of talk about how amazing people are and how amazing the programs are. while i really believe it's true, i can't hear amazing without thinking about the bach which brings me to the word tally for the week. 
journey/adventure...4 that right? must have missed it a few times
love...24...pretty surprising considering the mood
fairytale...0...most underused word this season
sexy...2 or 3 or maybe more...i got messed up on this one.
why didn't i keep track of "honestly" or "at the end of the day?"...both said a heckuva lot
sean and catherine were up first. all i have to say is i love love love them. i miss sean's season. love catherine's bangs. wish they were the whole show.
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what on earth was with ms piggy and kermit? that was so weird! flashback to emily's season. we obvs need to fill up some time.
everyone talks about how attractive juan pabs is. we all agree...until he opens his mouth.
andi thinks juan pabs was looking for a girlfriend while the girls were looking for a husband. pretty sure she's right. there is no way he's ending this thing with a wife.
this week can be pretty entertaining. the girls didn't have very many nice things to say about poor juan pabs. i don't feel so bad for him though because apparently he has no regrets about anything including hurting andi's feelings and anyone else's. the girls all looked amazing, and there were some great one liners.
sharleen...juan p had "buyer's remorse" about the ocean
sharleen..."i wish i was dumber" and looking for a "cerebral connection"
renee..."i'm in a situation where i'm very happy"...word is she got engaged a few days later
andi..."i think juan pablo thinks he was a really great bachelor"
i was hoping for a few more from kelly and lucy.
things got a little heated. i thought juan pabs might apologize a little for something at least, but per usual he was pretty clueless. i think we can all agree he's not doing himself any favors by opening his mouth.
and for the real news...andi is obvs the next bachelorette right?!? the questions from chris h (who is finally back on the show) totally primed us for the announcement. i've loved her from the start, and i think she will be so fun to watch.
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what's going to happen next week? i don't know if i super care either way, but i think it's nikki. there's no way they are still together though. can't wait to find out what happens. link up below if you posted.


  1. Thank for the update. I don't have tv and love that you update.

  2. Renee is engaged! Deats on my blog! I love listening to Andi and Sharleen.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. I thought maybe Renee, but you know, her twitterpation over whatever is going on in her life squashed that idea! But I agree, Andi all the way! And I think all of the girls have Juan Pablo figured out, but I hate that he won't ever say anything other than, "Ok, that's fine." or whatever. He's so passive!!!!! Discuss something with the women!!!!!!

  4. I do love that the ratings are so low that they keep bringing back Sean and Catherine!! They are my favorite ever. I think it proves how much more fun a good guy is to watch than a sleaze ball like Juan Pablo.


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