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Thursday, March 27, 2014

arizona trip

ever since i escaped utah winter in arizona a few years ago i have been dying to go back. things kept coming up the past couple of years so i was so excited to make it happen again this year. my trip was completely full of fun. it was basically the tour de friends, and i loved it.

i spent the first couple of nights with crystal. i totally failed at taking a picture with her:(

new gilbert temple
katey and i went to the temple. the weather was so nice so we sat on the temple grounds to catch up after. it was the perfect way to start the day and the trip.
after the temple, i got to spend the afternoon with megan. we got lunch, played with her little boy, and talked and talked for hours.
i've been trying to get down there for spring training the past several years, but it never works out. it finally did this time! anne and i went to the angels vs royals game. the stadium was completely packed. i had no idea what a big deal spring training is.
the game was in the middle of the afternoon. i tried really hard to not complain about the weather because it was so nice to be out of winter, but it was really hot. even though we were basically melting, it was a really fun afternoon.
after the game, i met up with deidre to go to the opening of the new shine project offices. i've talked about the shine project before, and i absolutely love the company. they employee at risk youth to make bracelets and other jewelry, and they receive college scholarships. i love supporting them whenever possible so it was perfect timing. after being in the sun all afternoon, i looked pretty rough but oh well.
i spent the rest of the weekend with deidre hanging out by the pool and relaxing. we went to a really fun blogger event (more to come) on saturday night. i had such a great trip. it was so much fun seeing so many friends, and the weather was so amazing. as i'm sitting here typing this it's snowing, and i just want to go back to last weekend.


  1. So fun!!! You got to hang out with some awesome people!! :)

  2. AH!! I'm so sad it's cold here. California or Arizona, I would live either place in a heart beat if I could. It looks like you had so much fun!!!

  3. That sounds like such a fun little trip! And you got to hang out with such awesome people! I love that temple. I actually love that it isn't bright white either. It just goes with it :)

  4. You look so cute and warm and looks like you're having a great time!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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