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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

what would you do...6.0

kimberly (yes the same kimberly from blogging the bach and 5 little confessions) and i are back for another round of what would you do...

WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with a yard of fabric?
kimberly and i bought each other a yard of fabric and got to work.
 i had big plans to make a st patrick's day banner with this burlap, but a spring banner with this cute fabric seemed like a better idea. pre made burlap pendant banner is the way to go, i also bought 1/4 of a yard of coordinating fabrics to what kimberly bought.
 make smaller pendant pattern and cut
 lay out fabric to determine pattern
 staple fabric to burlap pendants
 hang and enjoy

a yard of fabric is a lot. i thought the banner would use more.
this is leftover. at some point in my life i'm going to make a quilt of fabric scraps. 
 applique onesies. check out pinterest for lots of tutorials
 applique burp cloth and onesie, skirt, and hair bow
 same as above
 more applique burp cloths

in the end i used almost all of my fabric. i already know kimberly made something good. she is an expert, and i can't wait to see what she made. i already know she made something amazing. she's so nice. she's giving one away. enter below! and be sure to link up your sewing posts. last but not least, join us next month for
WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with a dozen eggs.

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  1. So cute!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. What?!?! You are so super crafty!!!! :)

  3. Wow!! You made a lot of things. I really love your banner. I need to make a cute one for my house for spring!!

  4. Oh my gosh, since I saw your picture on insta I've been waiting to see what you made! SOOOO cute!! ALL OF IT. you need to come craft for me, I've been in a non-creativity mood lately! its a problem! way to go girlie!

  5. I'm in the process of moving so my fabric is mostly packed, but I'm in as soon as I get settled!


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