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Monday, March 3, 2014

goal update + announcements

mix and match mama and pinterest told me to both posted about military jackets recently. i got this cute jacket back in the fall right before another 30x30. i didn't wear it as much as i thought i would in fall, but i'm pretty sure it is the perfect transition to spring jacket. spring in utah isn't always a thing, but hopefully it will be this year. i might just wear this thing everyday.

      photo credit Bonnie
gap jacket similar here gap jeans toms ballet flats sold out

february flew right by. i'm not sad about that. i can't wait for summer! i stuck with my goal to get to bed by midnight for the month of february. i did pretty bad again! it seems like the harder i try, the worse it gets. here is is march 3 at 12:03am, and here i am blogging. needless to say, my goal is still to get to bed earlier. i have other little goals of course, but until i can get a little better grip on my bedtime, my goal is the same. i continually try to find some sort of balance, but that's not working either. HELP!!!

carrie, jacquelyn, kimberly, and i have a new linkup starting this wednesday...5 Little Confessions (#5lilconf). basically we all want the dirt on each other so dip up a few secrets, and come link up on wednesday.

what would you still happening next week. we would love to see what you would do with 1 yard of fabric.

i stepped on my computer friday morning and cracked the screen. i'm super frustrated about it and just want it fixed.



  1. That jacket is so cute.
    I might join in the "what would you do". I'm way overdo for some sewing.

  2. I feel better about myself if your goal is to get to bed by midnight ;) Mine is 10:30 and I always fail by at least half an hour :P

  3. will have to remember to stop by on hump day.

    Would love for you to come join and send your friends.

  4. Love those flats. And YES for summer needing to get here fast!


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