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Sunday, March 2, 2014

churchy a day

i've been doing #fmsphotoaday for a couple of years. i really like it a lot. it's a fun way to document and share my everyday life. since it's the first sunday of the month, i'm talking about churchy things today. last month i took the opportunity to do another photo a day challenge- #lookupphotoaday . there was a religious focus to the challenge. i loved the extra push to look for ways to share a little more of my beliefs and what is important to me. sharing a simple picture and sometimes an extra thought really helped me throughout the month. 
the past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy with changes at work, constant lack of sleep, struggles to balance everything, and just the daily challenges of life. i am so thankful for the opportunity i had to focus a little more on churchy things every single day. although keeping up with 2 photo a day challenges was a little tricky, i'm kind of sad it's over. i won't be posting pictures daily, but i hope to keep the same daily focus.


  1. Excellent photo choice - I love the temple lights at night. So peaceful and beautiful, it's an oasis away from the storm that is so often our lives.
    Thanks for sharing
    Raspy Wit

  2. I'm trying to get back into the photo a day this month. I've found even just doing Fat Mum Slim's helps boost my mood a little. It great to have something positive to focus on even on a stressful day.


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