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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

a few days in missouri

one of the perks of running a marathon in nashville (more to come later) was spending a few days in missouri first. nashville is only a few hours from my family. i was really happy to get to spend some time with them before the race.
i flew to st. louis on tuesday afternoon and spent the afternoon with my sister, ashley. i totally failed to take pictures of anything except our food which was pretty amazing.
my mom came up on wednesday morning. we went to the temple in the morning. even though i have been to the st. louis temple a few times, it seemed so small compared to what i am use to.

 ever since i "met" carrie doing spring 30x30 last year, we've been so excited to actually meet in person. since she lives in st. louis i knew it would happen eventually. it's always so fun meeting blog friends in real life.
we spent a little more time in st. louis relaxing, eating, and doing a little shopping.
we decided at the last minute to head down to my parents' house on thursday night to spend a few hours with my brothers and my dad. it was a pretty quick trip down there but totally worth it to see them.

the missouri part of the trip was great. i caught up a little bit on sleep and enjoyed time with my family.
5 little confessions is tomorrow. come link up your deep dark secrets. 


  1. I love family time, I'm happy you got some time with them!

  2. Glad you got to spend some time with your family!


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