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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

blogging the bach 10.2

as much as i love blogging the bach, sometimes i struggle to find my angle. i usually stay away from straight recap because most of you probably watched it yourself. andi's fashion is killer, but there's not as much fashion when there's only 1 girl. so, this season let's discuss lessons we can learn from the bach.
Date #1-Eric (did anyone else get teary watching this? so very sad)
1. maybe i would be more successful in dating if i had chris harrison to provide instructions
2. be more fun (build sandcastles, fly kites, snowboard-the one time i did ended in tears). i really wish i was more fun. 
3. surprises/adventures are fun (see #2)
Date #2-Group Date
1. keep your clothes on (luckily that isn't a problem for me)
2. also luckily i haven't been on too many group dates since college, but if you are, bring friends (i wish kelly had more to say. i miss her)
3. sometimes it's ok to just say no (no no no to stripping)
4. watch your alcohol intake. i don't drink so this isn't a problem for me, but how embarrassing for the poor dude.
5. remember you're on a date (see #4)
6. be careful not to stereotype. thanks for the reminder josh. i'm bad at this one.
Date #3-Chris
1. dress for the event. there's nothing worse than being dressed wrong for a date.
2. be genuine
3. open up
4. smile. that smile is pretty much killing me.
Cocktail Party
1. take advantage of the time you have. smooth move nick v
maybe if i can follow these lessons i'll have a little more success in dating?!?
last week i tallied the same words from last season, but then i remembered juan pab didn't say a lot of the main words because he didn't speak english. i might not be able to keep up with all these all season, but i added a few from last week.
right reasons...2

this week's bleachable moment hands down goes to craig. bless his little heart. i'm sure he's mortified at his behavior and amount of alcohol.
a few thoughts on the remaining guys
eric-we know he leaves at some point and tragically passes away. i still can't believe it.
marcus-definitely in my top 4
chris-so cute, seems to be there for the right reasons,i hope he sticks around
ron, dylan, jj-who are they? why did she give them roses?
marquel-not sure what to think
andrew, tasos, cody, patrick, brett-minimal time this week
josh-he's so cute, i want him in my top 4 but i'm just not sure yet
brian-not sure i agree that he made his students proud by stripping???
bradley-is he the opera singer?
i need 1 more week to solidify my top 4. who do you like so far? did you blog this week? make sure to link up below.
in case you missed last week
week 1


  1. I need to watch this tonight! I had every intention last night, but life didn't let me! Thank goodness for On Demand.

  2. What I thought was interesting about the whole stripping date was, if this was The Bachelor and they asked 14 girls to strip and aired it, I think a whole lot of folks would have a problem with that! But since the audience is mainly females or most likely gay men, then it was totally cool. Plus it's for charity and we all know you can get away with just about anything for charity. Still, it struck me as odd.


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