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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

what would you do...8.0

it's the second monday of the month which means kimberly and i are teaming up for another round of 
this month we want to know
WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with flowers?
the possibilities are endless...crafts, clothes, gardens, home decor.

flowers always makes me think of brynn and her darling flower shop blooms and co. she is a super talented floral designer, and her pieces really are art. what would i do with flowers??? call blooms and co immediately.

i love them all so much! let's hear it. WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with flowers? link up below.
and come back next month for 
WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with gold?


  1. Did you buy all of those???? When I get my new dining room table (in like six months, blah!) I'm going to want fresh flowers on it all the time! Way too much fun.

  2. I LOVE fresh flowers in my kitchen in the spring and summer. Those are some beautiful arrangements!!

  3. They put succulents in bridal bouquets now? LOVE!

  4. Those are some lovely arrangements! I adore succulents and peonies!


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