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Thursday, May 29, 2014

disneyland part the characters

a few announcements...
if you missed it yesterday i was over at academic advancements talking about everyone's favorite topic difficult behavior and discipline
it's been a while since i've dressed like a toddler so i've over at just jacq today doing just that.
i'm still looking for guest co-hosts for blogging the bach
and finally if you don't get an email reply from me to your comment, it means you are no reply. do yourself a favor and fix it pronto.

my sister and brother in law decided to take their kids to disneyland a couple of weeks ago. i wasn't about to miss out on the fun. they didn't tell the kids until the morning of, and it was so exciting surprising them. we did disneyland and california adventure for 2 days with a day off in between. the day off in between was perfect especially since i ended up getting food poisoning.
i took a ton of pictures so i'm definitely splitting this up into a few posts. 
we didn't make a plan for seeing characters or necessarily want to stand in line for hours and hours to meet anna and elsa. basically we didn't know exactly what we were going to do.

we walked in and saw goofy first thing. kyler didn't know what to think about the big characters.
 we saw mickey on main street right after that.
 karlee and karson were so excited to see mickey
 kyler still isn't sure what to think
 we went to toon town and waited less than 20 minutes to get into minnie's house.

 karlee snuck back in to say hi one more time.
 we came out of minnie's house and saw goofy again.

 kyler is still nervous

we didn't really see any princesses the first day so we made sure to find a few the second day.
karlee was a little whiny in line and said she didn't want to see the princesses. she changed her mind the second she saw belle.
 karson didn't really want to be in the pictures
 and he eventually hid behind
 aurora talked for a while about all the princesses. karlee was in heaven.

 kyler really loved cinderella. it was really cute.
 we barely saw any characters in california adventure, but we did see one bug.
 kyler finally started warming up to the characters towards the end of the day

i'll be back with all the pictures from all the rides. there are just too many good pictures not to post. oh and by the way, we skipped the anna and elsa line.
PS-i said above that i'm over at just jacq today dressing like a toddler. i'm also taking advantage of her pinterest sponsor option. one of my biggest blog goals right now is to use pinterest more so i'm super excited about this option.


  1. That is so fun! I didn't know they did this at Disneyland, like I've seen characters, just not so many.

  2. Such a cute post! I bet this was such a fun experience! :)


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