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Friday, May 30, 2014

friday feature...lyme disease

i grew up in the south with a lot of trees and a lot of bugs especially ticks. everyone knew ticks were bad, and you always had to make sure you didn't have them. i heard the words lyme disease, but i never knew much about what it was other than bad. 
one of my good friends got married in the past couple of years and we kind of lost touch until last week when he posted this video of his wife on facebook. she tells her story of her battle with lyme disease in hopes of raising awareness of this horrible disease. one of the beauties of blogging is having a little space on the internet to share meaningful things. this video is worth watching. i had no idea how horrible lyme disease can be and how limited treatments are. i would love to know your thoughts.

i was so sad and shocked watching this. naturally i also wish there was something i could do.
do you know anyone with lyme disease? what do you think about all this?

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