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Monday, May 12, 2014

random rambling...not a mom

yesterday was mother's day. it's an interesting day for a single girl with no kids. emotions can be all over the place. the lds church ran a media campaign this week #itwasmom

mother's day isn't just about being a mom. it's about having a mom. mint arrow posted last year about moms and despite the lack of children, we all have a mom. mother's day is a day to celebrate moms. i am a lucky girl. i have the best mom. she taught me everything i know about being good. she taught me to love and serve others, to stop worrying so much, to get more sleep, to give gifts and send cards. if i am ever a mother i hope to be half the mother she is.
even though it is a day to celebrate our moms, it is also a day to celebrate being a mom...something that can be a little rough when you're not a mom and want to be. one of my dear friends posted on facebook, and her words are so beautiful and touching.
"Happy Mother's Day!!
I am wishing ALL the amazing women in my life a Happy Mother's Day. Not just those who have kids but each of youu. Sometimes I struggle with this day because I know many of the friends and family I love so dearly are not actual moms. For some of you that is a conscious choice. Raising a child just isn't your cup of tea. For others of you I know you struggle with circumstances in your lives that do not permit you to raise children as you would desire. So for each of you I want to say this.
Motherhood is not something that just happens when you have or adopt a child. Motherhood is acting compassionately toward others. It is being a friend, a hug, a listening ear and shoulder to cry on as well as being that only person who understands some things 
When you take the time to truly BE THERE. To show respect to others and be an example of goodness. When you truly experience a moment and share it with a friend or when you help a struggling mom out or when you take the time to show respect to a child by getting down on their level.
Whenever you open up your heart and share your life, you are being a mother because simply by being a woman you have a compassionate nature. And that is what should be celebrated.
So thank you all. I love each one of you and appreciate everything you have done to enrich my life."

i echo her words. although giving birth technically makes someone a mother, being a mother means so much more. although it is not the same as raising a child of your own, we all have opportunities to influence children and others around us. i'm so grateful for those opportunities in my life and for the wonderful friends i have you acknowledge that not being a mom is hard.
come back next week for my top 5 things you should never say to someone who is not a mom.


  1. Love this!!! I like to think of myself as "mom" to my nieces and nephew, but I'm the cool one who they'll actually listen to. So I can give them grief for something their mom has and rather than being annoyed, they'll listen.

  2. i love this! I love how there seems to be a movement of accepting and acknowledging that mothers day can be hard for those of us women who cannot bear our own children...and how we can celebrate mothers day because WE each HAVE a mom and celebrating women and their mother hearts! :)


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